Austrian Institute for Adult Education

The Austrian Institute for Adult Education is a research and development organisation and a consulting agency focusing on adult education and lifelong learning.

The Institute was established by the Association of Catholic Adult Education in Austria and the Federation of Austrian Educational Associations: nationwide umbrella organisations of adult education and further training associations with several thousand branch offices in Austria. This has been a perfect basis for our specialisation in general, outreach and regional education, and we understand ourselves as a link between research and practical implementation of adult education.

Learning has become most essential for overcoming the manifold challenges that humans are confronted with in different spheres of life. Our primary objective is to investigate which type of support, in terms of subjects, didactics and institutions, people need in order to be able to learn in a sensible way and to expand their competences.

The focuses of our activities include:

  • regionalisation of education (learning regions)
  • general aspects of adult education such as environmental education, political education, health education, etc.
  • developing lifelong learning instruments, e.g., in the fields of educational guidance, accessibility or National Qualifications Framework
  • inclusion in education

Our Services

We provide services in the following areas:

Research and development:

  • We carry out surveys (both quantitative and qualitative), studies and research projects in the field of lifelong learning.
  • We draw up strategies, programmes, instruments and methods of practical adult education.
  • We develop, and provide assistance in, support programmes.
  • We evaluate projects, courses and programmes.

Contacts and network building:

  • planning and organisation of expert meetings, workshops and training courses
  • working groups on issues relevant for adult education
  • consultancy and information for institutions and adult education staff
  • building networks of different stakeholders in adult education
  • publications, lectures and facilitation
  • participation in socio-political discourse and discussion.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in input and support in any of these areas.

Do not hesitate to turn to one of our staff for any further information on our activities—or if you need a partner for cooperation in international projects.